personal clouds for everyone

We're building a new kind of computer to take back the cloud.

Unlike other clouds, won't keep your data hostage, sell it to anyone else, or change things without your consent.

Any device can become a and join your cloud to help out.

This cloud can do pretty much anything, and it runs thousands of existing apps made by millions of people.

It's the Permanent computer for the rest of your life.


How we compute has changed completely in the last ten years. We used to do everything in the living room or office, and we knew just where our data lived.

Now everything is in our pockets. We can access anything from anywhere, but our data has moved to the cloud.

But there isn't just one cloud. Every company has its own.

Some clouds are more secure and safe than others. Most clouds get hacked eventually, usually without triggering any alarms.

You pay to rent the cloud. Even when it costs nothing, it's not free.

Think about it

Computing today:

  • You send a copy of your data into each app's separate cloud, where you lose track of who accesses it
  • ads in your face, targeted based on your data
  • want a change? send a feature request, but don't hold your breath
  • who else can track your data and behavior? There's no way to know
  • terms and conditions change at any time
  • your data is siloed in each app. Good luck switching

This is not okay! This is not what we want for the rest of our digital lives. There is no reason it has to be this way. You deserve a better, Permanent Cloud.

The Permanent way:

  • Bring the apps to your data. Don't send your personal data to apps whose access you're renting from others.
  • Run cloud apps only on devices that you trust.
  • A unified cloud for the rest of your life, and an open ecosystem of apps that run on it.
  • Your attention is not sold to advertisers. Your are the customer, not the product.
  • Work together to build any feature you want.
  • The code is public and audited for security (aka open source). Apps aren't free unless you know what they're doing and what they do with your data.
  • All your data has a standard API. Import your data from 'old way' apps, export whenever, and share data between apps however you want.
  • Switch away at any time. Only you own your data and apps.

How does it work?

  • Launch a for yourself or any project
  • Find apps at the cloud app community
  • Install any to your
  • Invite others to your project.
  • Use the apps in your cloud. We'll run them forever. Access them from any of your devices.
  • Stop using your old proprietary apps once you've replaced with Permanent apps
  • Be free

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

We're not doing this alone. Permanent makes use of some of the most powerful and active open source projects out there.

  • GNU/Linux - the open source Operating System
  • Kubernetes - cluster all your computers into one big cloud
  • SoliD - a standard personal data store designed by the creator of the world wide web
  • Thousands of open source apps made my people just like you.

Stop renting proprietary software from big tech companies.

Band together. Take back the cloud. Permanently.

Follow Us

We'll post updates here so you can find out about each milestone ASAP

Follow Us

We'll post updates here so you can find out about each milestone ASAP


    • - The cloud app community. Discover the best free apps, meet others who use them, and plan how to make them even better.
    • - Install any app here and access it from anywhere.
    • - Rent temporary data storage, or buy Permanent storage for a one-time fee. Store your data for the rest of your life.
    • - Bring your cloud back into your home with a physical device you can see. Keep whichever data and apps you want running there safely. Add storage to your cloud by plugging it in.
    • - Stop logging into websites with your account on advertising networks. Use one, privacy-respecting, login around the web.
    • - Your public website, however you want it, forever.

    Already a selfhoster?

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